Covid-19 : Disinfection streets

Val'air informs and accompanies its customers during this period of pandemic.

Disinfection streets : sweepers and washing machines


This note concerns the washing range as well as the sweeper range of roads and public works. Effectively the material used such as stainless steel, to the construction of our water tanks as well as all our waste tanks and our washing frames, allows you to use disinfectants or detergents in a proportion of up to 2 to 5% to be used for streets disinfection and washing. The low and high pressure pumps, which we have been using for years, and pipes are also designed to withstand the proposed mixtures.
The only condition is to wash the entire water system with clean water: pumps and pipes at the end of the work.


 © Photo credit : Jean Marc PUYOL - City of Perpignan Source : Twitter