In 1995, the closure of Frimokar, a manufacturer of sweepers and specialized machines, led to the creation of Valmetal.

Specialized in laser cutting and boiler making, Valmetal is an industrial company created in 1995 in La Cote (Haute-Saone – 70), by Jacques Daval, former workshop manager for Frimokar.

Since 1995, Valmétal has been growing steadily, its responsiveness and reliability has contributed to the trust placed in it by its customers. Regarding its boiler factory activity, Valmétal has continued to develop, and today radiates locally at 200km around La Côte (70).

In 2003, Valmétal wanted to develop its own its own product and therefore took over its main customer, Haller.Then val’air company born in 2006, which became the sole supplier of Valmétal products.

Val’Air develops, with Valmétal, some hydrostatic mounted sweepers, called the Bal’Hydro, whose particularity is the hydrostatic advance box.

Thanks to its European partners, the Bal’Hydro range is exported abroad, for countries like Norway, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 2015 Val’Air, both with Valmétal, is developing a 100% electric cleaning vehicle, the LEV1200 washer, conceived and designed for cities down town, responding to the constraints of the narrow streets of certain districts of Paris, Nice, Strasbourg, etc…

Since 2016, Val’Air is referenced by UGAP, the LEV1200 vehicle has been selected to appear in the catalog of the public purchasing center.

The sale of the electric truck washer by the UGAP purchasing center, enabled Val’Air to supply with more environmentally friendly vehicles lot of french cities.

Today, Val’Air and Valmetal have a perfect mastery of its products. Thanks to its R&D and its workshops, the products are developed and manufactured in the premises of La Côte (70).